OnePlus 9R A New Twist on OxygenOS


The new flagship line from Oppos Research, the OnePlus 9R, is arguably the most affordable smartphone in the industry nowadays. With an affordable price tag of $400, it manages to retain its title for the best smartphone by a long shot. While its predecessors easily trashed existing high-end smartphones in terms of sheer pricing, the 9R successfully managed to maintain its crown without doing much damage to its competition. Let’s take a closer look at what this latest smartphone has to offer you. oneplus 9r

With an all-screen, fully-integrated fingerprint scanner, the oneplus 9r is quite different from its predecessors in that it offers you more security. Unlike the iPhone and Android smartphones which leave much of the information about your phone unseen on the LCD display, the oneplus 9r keeps your sensitive data on the touch screen itself. The result is that you don’t need to be anywhere near your smartphone to see its status – something that can be seen as both a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it. The one obvious advantage is that you can keep an eye on your phone even when you’re not using it.

In terms of physical features, the oneplus 9r has all the features that we’ve come to expect from smartphone standards. It comes with a large 2.5″ capacitive screen that manages to bring clarity and accuracy to every point of the viewing. The larger size also means that you can view it at nearly any angle you’d like thanks to the camera integration. One of the best elements of this smartphone is its surprisingly competent camera department; you can snap photos of your friends and family or capture high-quality images of your own movements thanks to one of the many motion sensors integrated into the unit. In terms of connectivity, you can connect the phone to several different services including Google Maps, YouTube and Amazon Kindle eBooks thanks to its support for GSM bands.

On the camera front, the oneplus 9r has a pair of high-end specs that put it on a par with the best smartphone devices out there. For one, it uses a pair of Samsung’s new 16 mega pixel camera sensors to allow it to take crisp pictures of the things that interest you the most. While professional photographers will love the lens and optical zoom features, those who want to take on more casual photo shots should consider purchasing the camera’s built in image stabilization. The result is that you can get excellent photos without having to pay extra for professional services.

Another impressive feature of the oneplus 9r is its fast charging and wireless charging capabilities. Unlike most other phones which have limited wireless charging options, the oneplus 9r allows you to use one of its fast charge features whenever you need it. A standard USB port is not easily accessible by all users, making this a must have. A further unique feature is its ability to detect a wireless device such as an iPad or an iPhone (in an airplane mode) and use it as a power source instead of using the battery’s energy. This is a welcome improvement, especially considering how often people use their smartphones for tasks like this.

The one plus point of the OnePlus 9R over its predecessors is that it includes a Quick Charge accessory. The phone’s charger accessory doubles as a fast charging system for your unit. The convenience provided by this accessory is fantastic, letting you go from a complete screen blackout to a fully charged system in just a few minutes. An extremely convenient addition, the quick charging feature can be considered the one of the highlights of this smartphone. Wireless charging is also supported by the Qi charging feature in some variants of the phone. An impressive range of connectivity options are present on this smartphone, which means that the user doesn’t have to settle for the SIM card based connectivity options any longer.

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